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Lock in your seat at this special event for solo and small firm attorneys who want more clients without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month for old-fashioned advertising methods that don't really work. This is a member's only event; to get member access, click here to join Great Legal Marketing at the Gold level.

The next Fast Action Boot Camp is TBA at the Ben Glass Growth and Development Training Center in Fairfax, VA.

WARNING: Seating is limited to 31. GREAT LEGAL MARKETING MEMBERS ONLY! When the event is full, registration will be closed.

What Will You Learn That Will Change Your Practice Forever

Tactical Session #1


Your leader: Ben Glass, Founder & CEO of Great Legal Marketing; America’s Premier Expert on Marketing Solo and Small Law Practices. This session is constructed specifically to mentally supercharge solo and small firm attorneys in attendance at the Boot Camp with powerful principles that will guide you to smarter, more profitable marketing.

During this in-depth presentation, you will discover how to apply the core principles of Great Legal Marketing to your practice. This is your “$1,000,000 Session.” Countless practices across all regions of the country and in every consumer practice area have built their marketing around these principles to achieve more success than they ever dreamed possible.

If you’re just getting started with Great Legal Marketing, this may be the MOST IMPORTANT Tactical Session you will attend. You can’t afford to miss out on this critical information.

Discover immensely valuable information, including the following:

  1. The actual answer to the ultimate question: WHAT BUSINESS ARE YOU REALLY IN?
  2. How to be viewed as a valuable, irreplaceable resource instead of a commodity (aka: the biggest threat faced by attorneys today)
  3. The one question that could dramatically change how you perceive your role in your market
  4. How do you prevent “Marketing Vultures” from draining your credit card while you see no return on your investment?
  5. Where attorney marketing has come from and where it is headed; AND how to make sure you remain top of your market while the changes occur

Keep Reading! This next session is devoted to providing you with the complete marketing plan used successfully by GLM members to achieve double- and even tripledigit growth in their practices. This information has brought untold wealth to solo and small firm attorneys across the country and even around the world, so pay close attention to...

Tactical Session #2


How would you like a checklist available to you that could apply to ALL of the marketing you did in your practice? And how would you like that checklist to be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you every year – maybe even more – just through its consistent use? This session will give you all the pieces to this essential practice-marketing checklist, ready to be put to use right away.

Tactical Session #3


Building off of a proven formula, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of building powerful marketing for your practice.

Discover how to improve your lead generation and get more referrals for your practice.

Covering every aspect of the marketing foundation, this session is designed exclusively for Boot Camp.

You’ll learn about getting more traffic to your website, creating more effective lead generation offers, getting more referrals from other attorneys, and other key strategies required to get you more clients and more money.

We Asked Ourselves an Important Question:
How can we make sure that everyone who attends this Boot Camp will walk away with more of their marketing actually DONE than when they got here? The answer is...

Tactical Session #4


Would you like an opportunity to sit down and actually IMPLEMENT your marketing in the room with a set of experts standing by to address your individual questions as you have them?

Imagine taking all the energy you will get from seeing LIVE speakers lay out an action plan for you, and then having the chance to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY…

How much would that be worth to your practice? To have a distraction-free opportunity to Get. Marketing. Done.

Would this be worth thousands of $$$? Tens of thousands of $$$? More?

During this three-hour block (we’re devoting SERIOUS time to this session), you will be guided in putting together the pieces you need as part of the GLM Marketing Plan.

Our team of experts will be in the room with you, ready to answer your questions and help you make smarter decisions about your marketing right then and there.

There will even be live “mini-workshops” put on in the room for attorneys with common questions. Unlike any other attorney marketing event we know of, we are prepared to dive in deep WITH YOU, fighting side by side to get your marketing implemented.

Because of the impromptu nature of this session, we can’t tell exactly what will be discussed, but we can DEFINITELY say that this session is designed to make sure that you walk away with marketing that is ready to be deployed (heck, you may even get some things fully up and running in the room with us).

MOVING ON TO DAY 2! This half-day will feature guest speakers who will share marketing strategies and business insight to advance your practice past the essential steps you learned on day one...

Tactical Session #5


You can’t run a business without getting leads. (Duh?!) And we certainly want you to have more leads than you’ve ever had before!

BUT, we DO NOT just want you to get a bunch more leads only to end up with a small portion of them turning into actual clients.

That’s why this specially prepared session dives deep into the FRONT LINES conversion process (turning leads – aka – phone calls – into appointments) that is used at BenGlassLaw and by our most successful members to “sell” their practice without having to be a salesman.

This presentation will show you…

  1. What your receptionist should be doing EVERY TIME someone calls your office
  2. How to script the “sales process” for anyone doing intake at your practice so that you have a reliable system for converting calls into appointments – No Matter Who Is Answering the Phone
  3. What language that should be used on every phone call to give the caller a SUPER experience with your firm (something that will immediately set you apart from every other competing law firm in your community)
  4. EXACLY what we do at BenGlassLaw to turn phone calls into potential clients; the whole system will be laid bare for you to examine and “swipe” for use in your own practice
  5. The overall mindset of “selling the law firm” that will help your team get onboard and excited about implementing the new strategies in your practice (this part may be the most significant thing you’ll hear in this presentation!)

Next, we will continue to make sure that every dollar you spent is completely maximized, so you always get the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK…

Tactical Session #6


We want every practice that comes through Great Legal Marketing to get more of those leads and turn more of them into clients. Even better...

We want you to be able to make more money with less work. We will show you how to put your marketing on autopilot so you can constantly bring in a steady stream of clients without having to worry.

Here’s a shocking fact: the average marketer follows up with potential clients at most twice, yet it takes at least five follow-up “touches” to convert nearly 80% of potential clients into actual clients for your practice.

Right now, there is a significant amount of money being left on the table at your practice. We will show you how to never miss another dime by maximizing every step of the follow-up process.

You will see EXACTLY how to follow-up with potential clients, step by step, from the emails you should send to the phone calls you should make!

Finally, nothing will be left behind, no question will be unanswered, because we wrap up your Boot Camp with…

Tactical Session #7


We are making sure that you leave the event COMPLETELY ready to EXECUTE YOUR PLAN. This means tying up any loose ends you may have.

Not only can you ask your own questions, but you will be stunned at how much you can learn from the questions that others will have!


ATTENTION! --------------- WARNING!

There are only 31 seats available for this Fast Action Boot Camp. We must limit seating in order to best accommodate attendees with one-on-one coaching during the Implementation Workshop. As such, only the first 31 firms will be allowed in the door. This is a HARD cutoff line. No exceptions.


We’ve worked hard to put together an event that would serve as an “Accelerator” for law firms that want to take advantage of the proven marketing plan developed by Great Legal Marketing for solo and small law firms. But we really do only have space for 31!

Everything you will discover has been put through the marketing wringer... We’ve tested, re-tested, and tested again the strategies and ideas you will learn.

It will be laid out for you “in plain English.” We are making it easier than ever to get started with achieving your goals.

How Will Your Life Change After Spending MORE THAN A DAY With the GLM Team?

The Great Legal Marketing Fast Action Boot Camp is constructed specifically for solo and small firm attorneys who are ready to accelerate their firm’s growth and get a crash course in the power of direct response marketing in the legal field. This 1.5 day event includes a 3 hour workshop where certified GLM marketing specialists will be assisting attendees in putting together real marketing pieces they can implement immediately upon return to their firms.This event is geared towards Great Legal Marketing members who are ready to put systems in place to attract more clients and want to know where to attack next - however, non-members may attend as well. Attendees will walk away with finished marketing pieces and a complete blueprint on how to make this year the best year in their firm’s history.

These strategies are field-tested by solo and small firm attorneys who are not just surviving in their markets, but thriving. They want to share their tactics and successes with those lawyers willing to take action at the Great Legal Marketing Fast Action Boot Camp.

Your Leaders for the Event

Ben Glass

Ben Glass - Founder, Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLaw

Ben Glass is a practicing personal injury attorney in Fairfax, VA, and the father of nine children, four of whom are adopted from China. For the past 9 years, Ben has taught thousands of lawyers all over the country (even Australia, Ireland, and Canada) how to market ethically and effectively.

After nearly 12 years at an insurance litigation firm, Ben got the entrepreneurial itch and set out on his own. Like most lawyers, Ben believed what he had been told: “Just do good work, and clients will come.” After the real world quickly torpedoed that notion, Ben set out to take what successful companies were doing in other industries and adapt them to the legal profession.

The Great Legal Marketing approach, that Ben has spent nearly a decade testing and perfecting, continues to work in both hyper-saturated markets like NYC, and in rural markets like Iowa. Today, hundreds of lawyers follow Ben’s model and seek him for guidance. What was once the best kept secret in legal marketing is quickly becoming the textbook for how to market against the volume, 800-pound gorilla firm in nearly every market in America.

Great Legal Marketing now functions as the best forum in the country for solo and small firm lawyers to share ideas, receive intensive training, and start implementing strategies that actually work in today's market. Ben will show attendees of the Fast Action Boot Camp what kind of campaigns are making money today, and what decisions the solo and small firm lawyer must face in order to thrive in the modern legal marketplace.

Charley Mann

Charley Mann - Chief Marketing Officer

Charley was hired by Ben as part of a team of summer interns and put in charge of organizing and broadcasting the video content developed that summer (more than 200 videos were produced in the span of two months). It was almost immediately decided that this was going to be a great fit, and Ben asked Charley to stick around. He's now been with Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLaw for five years and overseen the rapid expansion of both businesses in the last three.

Originally a writer for the sports website Bleacher Report (where he was the Denver Broncos Feature Columnist), Charley quickly proved capable of handling the wide variety of marketing responsibilities that go into often unusual field of attorney marketing - print ads, sales letters, direct mail pieces, website content, social media, and more.

For the past three years, Charley has had a massive impact on the growth of Ben’s personal injury, medical malpractice, and long term disability firm in northern Virginia. If you can think of it, Charley has already split tested it and can tell you immediately whether an idea will make you money, or whether you’re putting your money in a pile and lighting it on fire.

If you can tell something’s broken in your firm (Employees bad on the phone? Advertisements costing you more than they bring in? Clients that suck your time dry?), Charley is the man you call to get it fixed. If you ask a member why they pay attention to him, it’s no secret: “Every time I listen to Charley, my firm makes money.”

Meet the Great Legal Marketing Team Members at the Boot Camp

Joe Mann

Joe Mann - Partner Manager

As a legal industry insider Joe connects Great Legal Marketing members with the companies that make you money. BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing constantly get pitched by companies who want a piece of the solo and small law firm pie (probably the same pitches you’ve gotten). Joe is a the point man for those pitches. He listens, he pokes, he prods, and ultimately figures out what a company could actually offer you and he makes a determination if it’s worth your money, your time, or your energy. Instead of ‘jumping on’ yet another call with a sales rep who is only there to do just that - sell you - you can have a go to resource to get the vetting done without all the hassle and nonsense of a forceful pitch.


Tifiny Swedensky

Tifiny Swedensky - Online Marketing Manager

Tifiny started at Great Legal Marketing in 2015 after a brief stint as the human resources admin for a tech staffing firm. Inspired by the many technical gurus that she interviewed as an HR admin, she began teaching herself computer programing and web development. When Tifiny was hired, she was put in charge of our many landing pages and micro-sites. Her duties grew from there until she became our office's unchallenged authority on SEO, Websites, and online marketing.
Her passion is tracking and data reporting. "Everything that we do needs to be tracked because if we don't have data, we can't make decisions to improve our companies." Using Infusionsoft and other automation tools, she has created law firm dashboards that monitor KPI's, incoming leads, and case processing.


Maria Matrozzo

Maria Matrozzo - Assistant Project Manager

Maria is a recent college graduate from Longwood University where she received a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She was born and raised in Eastern Virginia and then decided to move to Northern Virginia following graduation because it was the perfect distance away from her parents (close enough to drive, but far enough away that you have to plan trips).

While scouring Indeed, Maria found an unusually long post that stood out and she knew immediately that she wanted to work there. Even though she had never thought about pursuing a marketing career, she could feel the passion and depth from the job post and thought “I want to work with whoever wrote that.” As it turns out, her lack of marketing experience proved helpful because Charley could now mold her into the marketer that best fits the role needed for the company – no need to unteach bad habits. Boldly, she did not apply to a single place after placing her application with Great Legal Marketing.

The Great Legal Marketing Fast Action Boot Camp

The Ben Glass Center for Growth and Innovation
3998 Fair Ridge Dr #250
Fairfax, VA

Next Event: TBA

Are You Ready for Boot Camp?

Lock in your seat at this special event for solo and small firm attorneys who want more clients without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month for old-fashioned advertising methods that don't really work. This is a member's only event; to get member access, click here to join Great Legal Marketing at the Gold level.

The next Fast Action Boot Camp is TBA at the Ben Glass Center for Growth and Development in Fairfax, VA.